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Based in the vibrant city of London, I'm a seasoned Creative with a passion for art direction and styling, specialising in the dynamic realms of e-commerce and multi-brand luxury fashion. Most recently serving as the Global Styling Lead at MATCHES, I bring a wealth of expertise in shaping brand vision, directing styling initiatives and photography studio operations.


In addition to my professional endeavours, I offer a bespoke Personal Styling Service tailored to individual preferences, ensuring a personalised and enjoyable experience for each client.


My journey into the world of fashion commenced at an early age, nurtured by my mother's guidance in sewing, pattern-making, and artistic expression. This early immersion fuelled my academic pursuit in Art and Textiles, culminating in a Fashion Design and Textiles degree from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.


Embracing hands-on experience, I honed my craft through internships at esteemed fashion houses like Bus Stop Clothing, Gharani Strok, and Danielle Scutt. Transitioning into a commercial visual career, I made impactful contributions at Debenhams and Topshop while simultaneously engaging in freelance projects for notable publications and brands such as GQ, Zero Magazine, Design Scene, Lily Kamper, and Funlayo Deri.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for tactile expression, I've collaborated on various passion projects, including ventures with Ruth Melbourne and Adjoa Osei. Today, my styling expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, allowing me to undertake roles in Creative & Art Direction and Styling Consultancy for select projects.


Committed to giving back to the industry that has enriched my life, I actively participate as a panelist and guest speaker, sharing insights and experiences with aspiring fashion stylists and creatives. From London College of Fashion to prestigious platforms like Fashion and Style - The House of Commons and Stylish Networks, I strive to inspire and empower the next generation of fashion innovators.

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